The Opportunity

Uncover the boundless potential of launching your AI Agency business. Our comprehensive package will swiftly guide you from conceptualization to trading within days. With no recurrent commissions following the initial purchase, all our services operate on a pay-as-you-go basis, making this business opportunity not only cost-effective but also offering the potential for substantial rewards.

At the core of this exceptional business opportunity is centered on marketing AI Chat Bots that leverage our templates to deliver a streamlined, productized service. Our AI Chat assistants are versatile, capable of integration on websites, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram. They can be easily programmed with your client’s specific data, essentially functioning as a digital employee, providing invaluable support.

  • Integration with website, WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram
  • Completely 100% secure using clients own data
  • Automate repetitive tasks on both front and back office
  • Incredible leads generation tool
  • Turn cold leads into warm, qualified leads
  • Ideal for small businesses through to multi nationals


We create tailor-made websites for your agency and offer support in crafting your brand identity, including suggesting names. Among the initial steps we recommend for our clients is to define a specific niche. From there, we help you design a business name that unmistakably reflects the nature of your enterprise.

AI Chat Templates

Within our comprehensive package, you’ll find two primary templates ready for use. These templates can be effortlessly exported and offered to clients repeatedly, featuring a straightforward, no-code setup process.

Our AI Assistants boast the capability to construct a dynamic knowledge base, enabling them to collect essential information effectively. What’s more, they can be easily customized to create a distinct persona tailored to the unique needs of each client.

Marketing & Sales Templates

The cornerstone of achieving business success hinges on the implementation of a well-thought-out sales strategy. Our arsenal includes an extensive collection of marketing and sales templates, encompassing every facet of this industry.

Furthermore, we offer supplementary resources aimed at nurturing a variety of blog content. These materials are expertly crafted to ignite discussions and foster lead generation, further bolstering your path to success.

Email Marketing Templates

Cold outreach emails are an integral aspect to the success of this business model. Such is the new and emerging nature of AI, many businesses would not reach out for such services so its important we introduce these.

Our emails are delivered in sequences to engage and remind the recipient. These are very effective at converting into a call to allow you to demonstrate the product.

Cold emails are still one of the very best converting methods of marketing at incredibly low cost.

1k Leads

Embark on your journey with a boost from us, featuring a starter pack of 1,000 leads. Please note that eligibility and availability may apply, and we’ll provide guidance at the outset, considering your specific niche to determine if this is feasible. These leads encompass comprehensive details, including names, addresses, contact numbers, and, where available, email addresses.

This is an extraordinary opportunity to kickstart your sales efforts right from the get-go!

Income potential

AI technology presents an immensely lucrative market opportunity, particularly when you’ve transitioned to a productized service – and that’s precisely what we provide. Managing an agency specializing in bespoke software solutions can be challenging to scale. However, through productization, you streamline operations, saving both time and effort. It also simplifies the client’s decision-making process by offering them a straightforward choice between option A or B, making the sales process significantly more efficient.

AI Chat Bot purchase

The suggested starting price for the Chat Assistant varies, ranging from £500 ($800) to £3,000 ($3,500), depending on factors like your specific niche and your sales capabilities.

Setting the right price for your Chat bots is crucial for aligning with your target market, and we’re here to guide you through this process.

With an initial lead pool of 1,000 (pending qualification), even if you can convert just 0.5% at £800 ($1,000), your potential earnings could amount to nearly £4,000 ($4,500). It’s a significant opportunity waiting to be seized.

Setup fee

The decision to implement a setup fee is a matter of personal choice and is determined by several factors. These factors include the project’s scale and the purchase price. In cases where the project necessitates technical work, we do have a standard setup fee of £500 ($700).

Ultimately, the choice to include a setup fee is tailored to your specific business needs, and our comprehensive step-by-step guide is designed to assist you in making the most informed decision for your unique situation.

Maintenance fee

While clients have the option to manage the Chat Assistant’s maintenance themselves, we understand that not everyone may prefer this hands-on approach.

In such scenarios, offering an upsell in the form of a monthly maintenance plan is a smart way to ensure consistent, recurring revenue. This plan includes essential services such as data updates, file uploads, and workflow edits.

We recommend considering a minimum monthly maintenance fee of £200 ($250) to ensure the optimal performance and longevity of your Chat Assistant.

Customisation fee

An outstanding avenue for revenue growth lies in implementing advanced customizations to enhance the capabilities of your basic chat bots.

These enhancements may involve setting up outbound API connections for seamless data exchange or more straightforward integrations with databases. The pricing for these customization options can vary significantly, but they have the potential to generate substantial profits.

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For signups before 5th November

  • Fully optimised website
  • Customer Service AI Chat Bot Template
  • Lead Generation AI Chat Bot Template
  • Marketing & Sales Templates
  • Cold Email Templates
  • Niche market advice
  • Ongoing support
  • No commissions
  • 1k Leads

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An AI Agency specialises in delivering the automation of a businesses workflows. Our specific products focus on AI Chat Assistants which allow us to laser target clients. The Chat Bots themselves can undertake a number of tasks to remove repetitive tasks and improve the clients processes.

We do! We have our own very successful niche agency and see significant potential within this market. This is the reason we now offer this as a business opportunity

Absolutely not – all our tools use No Code so no coding experience is required.

A detailed answer to provide information about your business, build trust with potential clients, and help convince the visitor that you are a good fit for them.

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