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Establish and operate your very own AI Agency in this burgeoning and dynamic industry that holds immense potential. With our comprehensive support, you can effortlessly navigate this exciting landscape. We provide you with a step-by-step guide, customizable templates, effective cold outreach strategies, and pre-designed AI Assistant templates to ensure your venture’s success.

The Opportunity

Be the first mover in your niche

In the years ahead, artificial intelligence is poised to permeate every sector. Seize the opportunity to be a trailblazer within your specific niche and emerge as the foremost AI Agency by harnessing our cutting-edge techniques and comprehensive package.

The package

What’s included


A finely-tuned website, featuring an integrated blog, designed to execute our content strategy and attract specific, high-value traffic.

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AI Chat Templates

At the heart of the business lies the AI templates, which can be repeatedly sold to multiple clients.

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Cold Email, Marketing & Sales Templates

Leverage our marketing and sales templates to pinpoint and focus on primary target markets. With our cold email templates, you can execute cost-effective outreach campaigns with maximum effectiveness.

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1k Leads for your niche

We provide all our clients with an initial 1,000 free leads to jumpstart your business. This offer is contingent upon market verification and meeting our onboarding criteria.

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Customer Service

Front-end AI chat assistants dedicated to managing customer interactions for superior customer service. 

Lead Generation

Streamlining the onboarding process through automated lead generation presents a remarkable time-saving opportunity. Additionally, you can boost your revenue potential by providing email automation services to these generated leads.

Client Qualification

Effortlessly streamline the client qualification process using the AI Chat bot, which not only gathers essential data but also automates the entire procedure.

Example uses

Each of our Chat Assistants is customized using the client’s confidential data, ensuring a 100% secure environment.

Our templates can be effortlessly deployed with a no-code approach through our straightforward process, making implementation and deployment a breeze for our clients.

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